Vehicle hire Coruña



  • € 190/ week

    We want to work with you and accompany you in your daily needs.

  • From € 50/day

    Medium class tourisms

  • From €145/day

    For group trips. For day trips or work-related transport. We have 7- and 9-seat MPVs

  • From € 60/weekend

    Weekend getaway. Where and with whom is up to you.

  • From € 15/ hour

    Your van, for hours. For your specific needs

  • € 75/day

    Load and transport whatever you need. We have a wide range of cargo vans.

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Vehicle hire Coruña


At Autos Brea, we offer the best vehicle hire in A Coruña and other key locations in Galicia.

We know how important it is to have a reliable car for safe and stress-free travel. Over the course of our long history in this sector, we have developed a range of services including car maintenance, sale of second-hand cars and unchauffeured vehicle hire.

Not only is this last service ideal for people travelling for personal reasons, holidays or business, it is also popular with people who need to travel to rural areas or places outside the city for work, where different types of industry can be found such as engineering, construction and farming estates, amongst others.

For all these reasons and more, hiring a vehicle with us is always the best choice. We offer a range of cars, vans, MPVs and 4x4s so that you can choose the vehicle that is best suited to your budget and needs:

To find out more about our company, why not pay us a visit? We have offices in A Coruña and other key locations in Galicia.