Vehicle leasing Santiago de Compostela



  • € 190/ week

    We want to work with you and accompany you in your daily needs.

  • From € 50/day

    Medium class tourisms

  • From €145/day

    For group trips. For day trips or work-related transport. We have 7- and 9-seat MPVs

  • From € 60/weekend

    Weekend getaway. Where and with whom is up to you.

  • From € 15/ hour

    Your van, for hours. For your specific needs

  • € 75/day

    Load and transport whatever you need. We have a wide range of cargo vans.

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Vehicle leasing Santiago


At Autos Brea, we offer comprehensive vehicle leasing in Santiago de Compostela, guaranteeing you more safety and less stress. You can trust in us: we have over 40 years of experience leasing and hiring unchauffeured vehicles in Santiago de Compostela and other key locations in Galicia.

Vehicle leasing is an ideal option for people who prefer to regularly drive brand-new cars and to choose when they want to change to a different model.

Those who opt for this service find it more important and practical to invest time in their business or other projects than in buying a car and worrying about the additional obligations this entails, such as: insurance, taxes and maintenance, amongst many others.

If you are interested in this service, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our fleet of vehicles.  At Autos Brea, we work tirelessly to meet your transport needs and to offer you the car that best suits your personal tastes.