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  • € 190/ week

    We want to work with you and accompany you in your daily needs.

  • From € 50/day

    Medium class tourisms

  • From €145/day

    For group trips. For day trips or work-related transport. We have 7- and 9-seat MPVs

  • From € 60/weekend

    Weekend getaway. Where and with whom is up to you.

  • From € 15/ hour

    Your van, for hours. For your specific needs

  • € 75/day

    Load and transport whatever you need. We have a wide range of cargo vans.

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With over 40 years’ experience in unchauffeured vehicle hire, Autos Brea has emerged as one of the leading companies in this sector, offering services such as vehicle leasing in A Coruña  and other key locations in Galicia.

Aiming to maximise the range of services available to our customers, at Autos Brea we offer vehicle leasing as well as vehicle hire.

Vehicle leasing is a type of long-term hire, where customers are able to use any car they like, without having to worrying about additional administrative and maintenance costs. They simply pay a fixed monthly fee.

We currently offer a wide range of brand-new and fully equipped vehicles, ideal for all types of use and activities:

  • Trips.
  • Tourism.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Conferences and conventions.
  • Events outside the city.

At Autos Brea, we offer services for both individual customers and businesses. Ask for the vehicle that best suits your needs. With our vehicle hire in A Coruña, you have a range of various options:

To help you find the best vehicle to suit your needs, our full fleet of vehicles can be viewed in online hire.

Don’t give it a second thought, hire a vehicle with us! At Autos Brea, we are the best choice for vehicle leasing in A Coruña and other key locations in Galicia, such as: Santiago de Compostela, Vigo, Ferrol, Ourense and Lugo.